A breakup is a time of deep sadness and vulnerability when we often feel lost.

But it is also a time to heal old wounds at the root, awaken our inner light and expand.

This short guide will give you some clear and simple advices on how to navigate this difficult time, and do the necessary inner work so that you can move forward in your life.

You will access very specific exercices to deal with intense emotions, quiet your mind, reset your nervous system and elevate your vibration.

"The truth is, unless you heal, you cannot move forward."

My name is Gabrielle Thil, I am a French relationships coach, founder of "Soul to Soul Relationships" - the art of healing and re-opening hearts to love.

My unique approach combines ancient sacred wisdom, somatic touch and energy work and allows women to heal old wounds at the root and release emotional blocks so that they finally can love and be loved deeply.

I propose 1:1 coaching and group programs.

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