Learn how to identify and dissolve the invisible walls surrounding your heart and become a magnet for love.

Deep within, we've all got some walls surrounding our heart.

Most of the time, we don't even realize they're there.

These walls didn't just pop up overnight; they've been constructing themselves over the years — through the ups and downs of our childhood and adulthood.

Every bruise, scar and heartbreak has contributed to these invisible walls we've crafted to shield ourselves from the hurts we've endured.

They form an unconscious fortress that we believe will safeguard us in the future.

But here's the twist: these protective barriers, well-intentioned as they are, can paradoxically become the very thing keeping the love we crave at a distance.

In our attempt to guard our hearts, we unintentionally close the door to the vulnerability that love demands.

Spotting these invisible walls is key; only then can we dissolve them and make room for the love we're yearning for.

“I've listened to a lot of relationship coaches and read a lot of books about love, but in Gabrielle’s masterclass, I learned things I'd never heard before. And it resonates deeply in my heart and soul."

“I finally know which are the main blocks that have been ruining my love life until now. I wish I had known that years ago."

“I had so many insights during this masterclass! I understand why my dating life has been so chaotic... my heart was completely closed."

I am Gabrielle Thil, a French relationships coach, founder of “Soul to Soul relationships – the art of healing and re-opening hearts to love”.

My unique approach combines ancient sacred wisdom and energy work to help you heal old wounds at the root, release emotional blocks and rise from your ashes.

Since 2013, I have guided hundreds of women on their healing journey who claim that my work has profoundly transformed their lives and supported them in re-opening their heart.

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